High security tamper-evident adjustable length security seal with a robust construction that prevents accidental breakage (ribbon diameter 3.8 mm). This seal is very popular in industries such as Post/Courier Services, Chemicals and Transport. Various ribbon lengths and tag sizes available allows all kinds of customisation. Optional bar-coding for efficient data capture. Available in a range of colours. The Unisto Modular seal is available with a removable sticky label which avoids any script error of the numbering (same number on both seal and label). This enables very fast and easy recording of seal numbers.

Seal: Polypropylene (PP) or polyamide (PA)
Locking mechanism: Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Tensile strength (loop)
PP : approx. 25 kg / PA : approx. 36 kg

Barcode & standard numbering
Black ink jet printed on white area
Interleaved 2/5, 7 digits with check digit
Interleaved 2/5, 8 digits without check digit barcode 39, 7 digits
barcode 128 C, 6 digits
Other on request

Customer name/logo
Foil printed 1 colour or text in capital letters, black ink jet printed on a white area

Various size of tags available

White, red, blue, green, yellow, black
Other colours on request

Bunches of 50 pieces, in boxes of 1000 seals
56 x 35.5 x 25 (0.050m3), approx. 4.8 kg

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