Padlock 4

A Padlock Type of Security Seal The high security Padlock 4 provides additional tamper resistance over Padlock 3, with the same ease of sealing – designed to be able to be sealed with a single hand. Hasp diameter 3.8 mm. Variety of colours for logistical control available. Bar-code option for efficient data capture.

Housing: polypropylene (PP)
Locking mechanism: polycarbonate (PC)
Tensile strength
Approx. 5 kg
6 digits
Interleaved 2/5 or barcode 128
Customer name/logo
Foil printed
Dark blue, dark green, red, grey, Other colours available on request
Mats of 5 or 10 seals, box of 1000 seals
44.0 x 12.0 x 24.0 cm (0.012 m3), approx. 2.1 kg
Seals should be stored in original box away from direct sunlight and chemical fumes.
Store at 22°C/50% RH. Typical shelf life of seals made of PP and PA are approx. 18 months from date of
Nevertheless please do not order more than an annual quantity

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